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When I meet my husband he had a Footrot Flats fan collection includingvideos, comics, stuffed ‘The Dogs’ (yes multiple) and a black singlet and Red Bands.

My sister, my brother and I playing in the mud at our family farm. We love playing in the mud!

I used to nick my mum’s Red Bands from the washhouse to put out the washing. It was tolerated because hanging out the washing was the only job around the house I would do willingly. Now I have my own pair and my own washing line.

My Red Bands are always in high demand around our household as they are
the best protection from some of the more unwanted gifts from our little too
Free Range, chickens and ducks.

Once a week we would drive the 45 minutes (on mostly gravel roads) into town in our golden Holden station wagon to pick up the essentials, one of our must do stops was to Para Rubber to pick up necessities like new yellow raincoat or a pair of Red bands.

When my kids were little we used to chuck our Red Bands on and go fishing after milking. We still do but now they have bigger gumboots than me.

Getting wet legs in the long grass cos me gumboots weren't long enough.

My daughter moved away from the country and missed her gumboots they got stolen from the Marae so she asked me to buy her some more gumboots and specifically asked for red bands cos they represents she said. In Te kuiti every man and his dog just about wears red bands.

For some reason we always thought it was funny to put the cats in grandads redbands and take photo's.

Buying my youngest son size 8 redbands, the best little mud kickers money can buy!

Grandad in his redbands, he never left home without them!

Stuck in mud left my redband behind.

I remember pinching my grandparents red-bands to wear on the farm. Nana's were so soft from many years wear in the garden, and with a pair of hand-knitted farm socks on, I could almost fit them properly!

White baiting at Mimi River mouth... being V.E.R.Y careful not to get any water over the top of the mid-calf Redbands...then, swooosh, a rogue wave would sweep in, and fill them up. After a few yelps due to cold, wet feet, we'd soon warm up and were away laughing again.

My son, barely able to walk, insisting on wearing his size 8 Redbands EVERYWHERE!

My Redbands, (with pink tail paint around tops) keeping my feet comfy and dry in the Bornean Rainforest. Definately worth their weight in gold over there!

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