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Of the kids growing too big for my redbands and they were just where I left them!!!

The line of gumboots at Nana and Grandads farm, waiting for the townie kids to come and stay and wear them. There must have been 1 of each size.

Giving my son his first red bands, like my dad wore.

Redband gumboots saved me many times on the farm.

My biggest memory of them was when we used to come home from boarding school and there'd be a line of Red bands all lined up at the front door and one time we came home and someone was visiting with blue bands - those pairs went mysteriously missing (or thrown away) hahaha!

Running through the milking sheds as a little tacker.

Following/helping dad on the farm moving the sheep or feeding the pigs. Country life is the best!

HEAVILY pregnant with our surprise & last #5. Hubby "just have to pop into RD1" out he came with the smallest cutest wee pair of Redbands! Now full of cement & used as a doorstop.

Never go anywhere without my Red Band's :)

I remember going to field days and buying a pair of red bands to save my feet!!

Having red band gumboots three sizes too big growing up because 'we'd grow into them'.

More than being in them as a child, or remembering my parents in them - it's my late teens and twenties. Trips home to visit my parents, pulling on my red bands and going for a walk around their orchard. Even to this day it is still my 'back to peace and tranquility' fix.

My father wearing them to mow the lawn. Good times.

Walking home making squelching sounds with bootfuls of river water, not waiting long enough to dry out before placing fresh socked feet that got all damp.

Gumboot lines - where my dad had a line with no hairs on the back of his legs from wearing gumboots with no socks.

A very recent memory, I just sculpted a sheep with redbands behind it out of Taranaki andesite. It will go up for auction on Saturday 21 January at 2.00 pm in New Plymouth. All info on

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