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Splashing about in puddles with my two year old son, both in our redbands!

I got my first red bands about 3 years ago when the new years eve highlife party in Matakana (outside concert) was forecast to have heavy rain/had all ready been raining. I swopped my heels for these and had a great night…from Gumbi to Glam :)

Grandad was an avid gardener and his vege garden took up 1/2 of his backyard. he had his Red Bands and homemade boot remover. I don't use the Red Bands but have used the 4x4 Marathon for the last 10 years on the farm and my waders.

Swinging my feet off the back of the farm ute as we headed to the paddock to do feed out. My wee pocket knife to cut the binder twine off the bails of hay and throwing out the slices of hay to the herd as they followed the ute around the paddock. First job when I got home was to wash down my red bands and leave them at the back door waiting for the next adventure.

Our family's first farm had all the gumboots I wanted; wouldn't fit my calves, however Skellerup did :-)

I have always had a pair of Red bands only brand to buy, 69 years young I am

As a teenager having to share gumboots with my Mum. The first to get them was first to wear them

I love the Red Band Socks so good to wear in my Red Band Boots

I have been wearing Red Bands since I was a boy, sixty years ago and find them a good comfortable boot

I was brought up on a dairy farm just north of Woodville. My life revolved around our Redband gumboots. Even when I left on my OE at 21yrs I took by Redbands with me...

Inheriting my youngest brother's Red Band gumboots that he had grown out of. Still wearing them but last weekend they sprung a leak while trying to clear the sump out on the street during the flooding! What will I wear now?

Never worn anything else.

I remember putting my redbands on to run to the back of my granddads yard while he stood at the top story window and aimed a paintball gun at me. I ran so fast! He still got me.....then it was my turn :-)

Bashing through with my baby girl both in our gummy boots.

Red band reminds me of my childhood such good memory.

My memory of my first pair of bed band was when I was 17, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I still have them now.

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