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Ruby knows that no Pink Princess is complete without her Red Bands!


Me and my daughter got photos done and I thought as farm girls wearing our Red Bands was a good idea

Jack wears his Red Bands everywhere!

Of our two little kids at the time 6&3 wearing their Red Bands to preschool, school and everywhere in between while living in Windwhistle. Best memories! Mel H

Meeting Richie McCaw in our Red Band jandles (Red Bandals) - Jordan C

My best memory of red band gumboots is clomping around in the mud in mums redbands on the farm when i was a wee girl, because mine were wet. seeing them all lined up in front of the fire that night was priceless. Mine, mums and dads. Perfect picture! and very proud that I can reincarnate that picture today with my own family

My red band gumboots got too small for me so I tried on my mum's and i started to mow the lawn (after I'd whacked the spiders out) and they were so heavy and big on my feet I could barely lift them so I took a lot longer on that lawn than normal

Climbing into my dad's muddy boots that he left at the door and trapsing mud all through the house.

My partner bought me my first pair of Red Bands when I first moved in with him. I had never lived on a farm before. I live in my Red Bands!!!

Going to RD1 in Taupo & buying my pair of Red Bands in 2011, still wearing them every day....Love them, chur bro!

Wearing redbands as a kid growing up

Red bands and stubbies (shorts)! OMFG now that was funny. Every jock in New Zealand wore them. Only in New Zealand LOL!!

Jumping in mud while wearing my red bands - Sophia J

Whitebaiting at the local river.

I remember when I was a kid and my father used to wear his Red Bands in the gardens with his shirt off and a pair of brown checked shorts.  Real 70's stuff.

Wearing them when on farm experience and not getting sore feet for once!

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