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As a child, loved getting new gumboots. Would put them under my pillow till I could wear them the next day. Helen, Dunedin

Many years of comfortable regular use in a variety of situations. Commonly known as Southland Slippers for the obvious reason. Andy, Hastings 

Inherited Fathers old Red Bands in 1988. Still going despite a dog chewing one years ago. Given new ones 2018, too clean to wear. Mike, Auckland

Wearing gumboots too big for us and tripping over! Gus

Got my dad's Red Bands given to me, he wore them everywhere on the marae, best gum boots ever! Shayne H, Opononi

My dad has Red Bands for everything, his brand new Red Bands in his wardrobe for going out his doorstep, Red Bands for mowing the lawns and his carboot Red Bands for fishing and now I've got him some Red Bandals for his Raro trip! - Merenia, Bulls


Practice in Red Bands at the Glen Mark Rugby Club in Canterbury - Daniel L



I saw these boots outside the country hairdresser and thought yes I'm in Red Band country! Edendale






My son has been obsessed with Red Bands since he started walking. He is now on his 3rd pair and only 2 years old...they grow so fast. His 1st pair are being framed.  As long as he has his Red Bands the world is good! - Anadia

When I was dating my husband he said he'd drop to one knee if I ever wore my gumboots to town but I never did, however after we got married he brought me my first pair of brand new Red Bands so I wore them to a party in town with the tags still on them, should have seen his smile - Sophia L

 Night out with the girls in your gumboots - Alice M, Invercargill

Putting on my Red Bands and trudging through the farm to go shift the cows with Grandad, best days of my life - Jeremy

At the marae I would name them everywhere because Red Bands were like the deluxe boot to pinch #maraestyles #dontstealmyrebands - Christine




We are the Red Band family of 4 with number 5 cooking in the oven, #redbandcountry - Mere H

Red Bands are the only gumboots my family would ever wear milking cows during the hot summer afternoons - Kimberley W



Everyone knows Pukekos wear Red Bands. And thats why I won my wearable junk competition. First prize 2016, College Street Normal School.  



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