There are very few quality manufacturers of hand built natural rubber gumboots in the world. Of those, Skellerup ranks close to the best, if not the best. What makes our gumboots so good?

Primarily, Skellerup gumboots combine high specification rubber formulations and unique building techniques. More specifically the rubber formulations are unchallenged in terms of their physical properties, which in turn make our boots long lasting, hardwearing and comfortable. The key rubber physical properties are:gumboot cross section

  • Flex Resistance: The boots can flex several million times without showing any surface cracking.
  • Canvas Lining (Skim): All Skellerup gumboots are made with a heavy-duty canvas lining that gives the entire boot its firm structure and strength. It also ensures that the rubber components stuck to it won’t separate unlike most cotton sock-lined gumboots.
  • Internal Canvas Reinforcing (Friction): A unique design feature to Skellerup gumboots that assist with the structure of the boot but more importantly protects that gumboot from tearing and puncturing against sharp objects.
  • Sole Abrasion: The soles won't wear out quickly.
  • Ultra Violet Protection: Our boots are made including anti ozone protection to guard them against New Zealand's harsh sunshine which degrades rubber quickly.
  • Fitting: All Skellerup gumboots are made to fit New Zealanders specific foot shapes, being typically wider than normal.
  • 100% Inspection: Every pair of Skellerup gumboots is hand inspected in New Zealand prior to despatch.